Sunday, July 3, 2016

3 Tips To Cool You Down And Beat The Summer Heat

Oh summer! When you think about summer the first thing comes to our mind is "The exciting summer getaways are just around the corner". Summer is full of exciting adventures. But not only that, summer also has some cons. The heat of the solar wind striking your skin and making you soaking wet from sweat, be it from the inside of  the house or outside. The unforgiving heat of the sun is twice as the heat we have experienced before because of the global warming phenomenon. There’s a lot of things that needs to be done in order to stop the effect of it, or at least minimize it. But for now, what we can hope for is to beat the summer heat we are experiencing today.

The direct and long exposure from the sun on our skin can cause a real damage. And if we are not careful, heat stroke can sneak up on you. Don’t let this happen. Well, here we will be focusing on a long term solution and not the  short term. You better learn some of the things might help you out. Here’s a few.

Drink plenty of water.

Summer always makes us dehydrated.  Prepare yourself to drink plenty of water during this season. When your temperature releasing heat, perspiration from inside and out of your skin could make a cooling effect to your body. In other words, "As the water evaporates, it cools you." Wearing thin and comfortable shit for a better circulation of the air, is a must too. Also, needless to say, take a bath as much as you want.

Shutting oven and lights.

Shutting lights could help reduce the heat, or you can simply replace your fluorescent bulb to the lights that can produce less heat. We all know how hot it feels when we cook, right? So might well, use these kind of appliances in early morning when the temperatures are cooler. You can also buy food which doesn't need cooking.Fruits and vegetables which composed of fluid components can also prevent dehydration, are ideal food during the summer.

Install air conditioner in your room.

I don’t know, but should I need to include this on this list? Because this should be an obvious solution to beat the summer heat. Anyway, a friendly reminder from the experts, though -- check your aircon filter for preparation. Clean the filter, and check for the blockage. Dirt and dust from the filters can reduce an aircon performance efficiency. If you found some damage, run and call for the immediate help from a skillful aircon repairman.  Don't look any further, Air Conditioning Repairs Perth is your #1 choice for quality and service are one call away.

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