Monday, June 13, 2016

You Must Know These Electrical Safety For Your Kids

As a parent, it is your duty to be knowledgeable about anything that can make your kids safe. Yes, you must be aware of the DOs and DON'Ts to keep your kids safe around electricity. We even come up with rules and regulations in the house for safety precautions. Accidents are everywhere - we can't actually eliminate it, but we can minimize the damage it can cause -- to say the least. That is  if we do the things that needs to be done properly.

Almost all of today’s appliances are working because of electricity. Children are always curious and love to touch anything near them. There are many cases where children get struck by electricity. Some of which are due to playing electrical wiring, touching electrical appliances while it’s on and other electrical wiring problems in the house. This only means one thing, children should not leave unattended near by appliances and electric whatnot.

Secure the power outlets.

Cover your power outlets, so that we can’t see our children putting their fingers into those outlets. Thousands of parents have probably known about this, but it’s worth to remind them of this all the time. Warn and tell them that power outlets is not a play thing, and they are not allowed to touch it. Also, kids playing with electric appliances can start a fire. So might as well put them away inside the cabinet. For power outlets, there’s another option available, you can install the childproof wall outlets that would definitely help to avoid accidents. Daily check your cords and cables. If you noticed there’s a damage cable, replaced them immediately.

Stay away from the power lines.

Kids will be kids, whenever they got the chance they climb things that are fun to climb. Electrical posts are one of those. Tell to your kids that electrical posts are not trees for them to climb up. And even if it’s a tree, you have to make sure that it is not close to any power lines. If you make them aware about the danger, they are more averse to commit mistakes. Power lines’ electric shock could be fatal.

Don’t touch appliances when wet.

Keeping children safe from electric shock by telling them that their drinks should not be placed near to their computers, televisions, and other electronic devices. Educate them that the water and  home appliances must be away from each other. Holding an electronic device when wet can cause a real damage, which could be fatal. Showing youngsters how they can keep themselves safe can be truly rewarding. But of course, your supervision while they are utilizing appliances should still be present.

If you are not so sure with the safety of your electrical wiring at home, we can help you out. Air Conditioning Perth is expert to give you some advice for electrical safety. Whatever your home and electrical needs, give us a call. Our experienced electrical contractors can offer you the very best electrical advice and prompt, reliable service.

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